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The Cole-Bar Hammer is a new multi-purpose tool with a ratchet that locks at any angle between 0° and 180°. This means the hammer can be opened into a full crow bar, used as a square, or used as an angle tool. In addition, the ratchet section is removable for use as a socket wrench, or cat’s paw. Apparently not yet in production — at least I could not find anything on the web — the saw’s designer named it in honor of his son who passed away in an accident not long after they had invented it. A video of the tool in use is available on the web site. This tool is one of those in the Cool Tools Inventor’s Challenge to be aired Thanksgiving weekend — could be a good thing to watch, although I tend to avoid Cool Tools because the host, Chris Grundy, is just a little too intense for me.

Would you want one of these multifunction hammers? How much would you be willing to pay? Let us know in comments.

Cole-Bar Hammer [Manufacturer’s Site]

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9 Responses to Cole-Bar Hammer

  1. Eric says:

    I keep a tool roll in my truck, and I like to have a hammer in it. I used to have a lightweight hammer, but then I needed a pry bar one day, so I opted instead for Stanley’s FUBAR. The FUBAR is great, but it adds a lot of weight to the tool roll. If this new hammer is a decent weight (but still sturdy), I might consider it. I’m thinking $25-$30 would be reasonable? The FUBAR runs around that much, depending on where you get it.

  2. jon o says:

    I would expect to pay about $75 $100 for that tool.
    It would be a great addition to what I already keep in the truck and car.
    Looks to be way more useful than the “fubar”. If i knew where to pick one up I would buy one today and another later on down the road.

  3. Alan says:

    Seems like it wouldn’t be very strong if you were prying not exactly in line with the pry end. Wouldn’t the pivoting center just snap or bend under force?

  4. Mr P says:

    I think they should have utelized the empty hart shaped holes
    in the handles and maybe put in a die or a cheak a thread metric and SAE

  5. bryman says:

    I would say its a pretty good design,, (as long as it’s indestructible) and could fetch more,, up to $169 for decent volume, if it’s closer to $200+ it will be left with an only true enthusiast market

  6. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    It looks like it would quickly remodel your hands if you ever tried to do real nailing with it.

  7. Ken says:

    I’d buy it up to $200. I’d buy it now if I could find it. Not for a truck per se, but if you carry all your stuff on your back, every single bit of weight loss, especially for things that aren’t your bread and butter tools, is money well spent.

  8. kyle says:

    Well it lost the challenge.

  9. I think we lost because the tape measure was a lot less pricey to manufacture as far a that goes. They didn’t even use the tool properly on a couple of demonstrations, and the hammer they broke was not the on submitted and was never to be used. The steel on that pro-type wasn’t even tempered yet. It was only their to show that we have a lighter prototype. We still made it to the top three, and we think we have a winner. Check out the website at Colebarhammer.com and on Facebook. If anyone’s interested in manufacturing send an email at colebarhammer@gmail.com

    Thanks for all the feedback on this site we recieved and to toolmonger for bloging about us.

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