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The dresser rebuild is finally done. The finish work always feels like it takes forever but the outcome is normally worth the trouble. In this case almost anything would have looked better than what I started with.

I opted for Red Mahogany Danish oil for the stain and achieved the color I was looking for with one good coat and a light touch-up coat. A few days after the first coat went on it was time to start with the poly. I applied three coats of clear gloss poly to soften the color up a little and pop the grain. It produced a nice, soft shine and a good protective coat the piece never had in its painted days.

When it came time for the hardware I just couldn’t bring myself to put a bunch of handles on it again, so I went for the minimalist approach. The top drawer got two handles because in my experience top drawers collect junk, which makes them heavier, and a heavier drawer means more handles.

The whole project came out looking great and is set to go another few decades. The total bill for the project came out at about $55. I had a few pieces in the shop already and that helped some; however a renovation like this straight up would have only been about $30 more so it’s not too steep. On to the next project.


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