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The latest issue of Milwaukee’s Heavy Duty News alerted us to their upcoming LED replacement bulb.   Not only will this bulb upgrade your M12, M18, and V28 lights to LED, it should be able to upgrade most other flashlights that use similar sized bulbs running on 9.6V to 28V.

Milwaukee claims the bulb will give you 3X the run time and last 50,000 hours over the standard bulbs.  Being solid state it, has the added bonus that if your flash light can survive a fall, the bulb should too.

No wording on the price yet or when the bulbs will be available.

LED Upgrade 49-81-0090 [Milwaukee]

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5 Responses to Preview: Milwaukee LED Upgrade Bulb

  1. Adam says:

    I gotta say, I have had my 18v kit for 10 years now, and have never replaced the bulb in the flashlight. It has be dropped, frozen, kicked, and beat around in my truck for that long. I still have the spare bulb behind the reflector, and it uses the same bulb as my Mag-light.

  2. Chris says:

    Its really the 3x runtime thats the key selling point. Plus I’m sure its much brighter than a regular bulb. Terralux had an 18v upgrade, which was a round disc with a bunch of little leds. I tried it and it was junk because it didnt mount in the light correctly and didnt make use of the lights reflector at all. I think they discontinued it. This one looks like a much better upgrade since its the same size as the normal bulb and will take advantage of the reflector.

  3. Drew says:

    I was once all DeWalt until three years ago. I guess once black and decker took over, the quality went down so I converted to all Milwaukee for my business ever seince. They’ve been dropped, submerged, left out overnight in snow and still keep working!

  4. Julian Tracy says:

    I’d like an LED upgrade to my cordless tool lights. Unlike all of you – I have blown out more bulbs in my cordless flashlights than I care to think about.

    One fall too many and they stop working.

    That’s one of the main reasons I like my led maglights, those little AA Krypton maglights were notorious for blowing bulbs.


  5. joe bob says:

    Tool barn is taking advance orders for the Milwaukee LED Upgrade which will ship 11/17. Cost? 29.99

    Love LED but the price makes it hard to justify.

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