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Cooper Lighting’s Might-D-Light (a.k.a. model LED130) is an 80-LED rechargeable worklight. It comes with both AC and DC chargers, folds for easy storage, and, for hands-free use, has built-in neodymium magnets and a nylon swivel hook. Fully charged, its NiMH batteries should last two hours. As you can see in the top picture above, it also has reflective strips on the back. You can pick one up for around $39.

Might-D-Light [Manufacturer’s Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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13 Responses to Might-D-Light

  1. Robert says:

    Picked one of these up at Ace for $49.99. We really impressed with how versitile it is… I’ve never seen anything like it with the folding action.

  2. nick says:

    Where can I find this in Okla.? Stillwater Ok.

  3. Denelle says:

    I work for the company that makes these lights. As far as I know they are only being sold at Ace Hardware Stores at this time.

  4. Joe says:

    You can find them at Amazon.com or HomeDepot.com search for Might-D-Light

  5. ellen says:

    My cousin is the inventer of this. The patten will be in his name.
    Pretty cool no???

  6. nrv says:

    Patten, what’s that????

  7. Walter Banzy says:

    been spending about an hour trying to track down a store in my area that sells the Might-D=Light….by Cooper.
    ACE and HOME DEPOT, shown on ur site ….never heard of them, yet your comments indicate that people bought the light at ACE back in 2 0 0 9 …..what goes?????
    Please let me know …. zi p code 08225 or 08234

  8. Adam R says:

    @Walter, Sears sells it too.



    Wasn’t he a general?

  10. SHECKY DIAMOND says:

    Mr. Banzy,

    You have the sophistication to find this review online. Engage your search engine. I’m lazy. Ordered online from Amazon.com. They delivered it to me. Is parcel delivery available in your area?

    Use The Force,

    Diamond Dave

  11. Tim G says:

    Just picked one up at LOWES in Mentor, Ohio for $26.99

  12. contonia says:

    i brought mine at walmart back in the sporting and car area

  13. Mary says:

    Where can I purchase just the wall charger?

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