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Leatherman multi-tools and accessories have been a popular topic on TM (3/4/08, 5/22/08, 3/18/09, 7/7/09 and 7/24/09 to list a few). Well, their “original super-duty Leatherman is back.” The Super Tool® 300, 4.5″ long (closed) and weighing in at 9.6 oz. with stainless steel handles and body has 19 tools “for the working man.” The 300’s tools include “larger” regular and needle-nose pliers — which are really just different sections on the same jaws, but I guess you have to count everything to get up to 19 tools — file, saw, straight-edge knife, serrated knife, bottle opener, can opener, awl, and wire cutter for both regular and hard wires (the small notch at the base of the wire-cutting area is the hard-wire cutter). The wire cutters are removable so you can sharpen, perhaps with the 300’s own file, or replace it if needed.

The 300 will cost you around $50. Are the new features worth it? (Are the features really all that new?) Would you upgrade to the 300? Let us know in comments.

Super Tool® 300 [Manufacturer’s Site]
Super Tool® 300 Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


10 Responses to Leatherman Super Tool 300

  1. Darin says:

    I have one of these. The replaceable blades are actually pretty clever. A few years ago I damaged the wire cutters on my old super tool, and consequently the pliers would stick all the time. The replaceable blades would have solved that problem. The new super tool is also a lot easier to open and close. It’s not completely revolutionary. But they took something that was already a great tool, and made it more convenient to use.

  2. shopmonger says:

    Riggers will love the removable blades.. they need to have cheap replacements available. Also it would be cool to take one set and grind slots for stripping in them to make them great linesmen tools.


  3. I really like the idea of a replaceable blade, but they would have to be cheap and available, otherwise what’s the point? If you damage the cutter on another Leatherman can’t you just send it back and get it fixed for free anyway?

  4. OK, so maybe I should check before I post:

    They sell the blades for $10 plus shipping here:


    Still, if you can ship your knife back and get it fixed for free … I suppose the replaceable blades would come in handy if you need the knife fixed now.

    …this comment comes from a guy that has a few backup Leatherman tools of course.

  5. frankoamerican says:

    Leatherman tools are nice, but I prefer myGerber because you do not have to unfold the tool. All that is required is to shake loose the needle nose, whick are then locked in place. Gerber’s customer service is great–I’ve sent mine in when I chippd the end off a screwdriver (50% my fault) and I got it back in about a week.

  6. Robert Blackmon says:

    I first saw a leatherman tool when I joined the Army circa 1990 and went to Saudi Arabia but I saw 2 break in a matter of a couple of weeks (broke at the pliers hinge joint) so I’ve never had much confidence in Leatherman tools. I would like to think they have improved since then but for the last 12 years my SOG multi tool has yet to break so I have no need for a replacement. I had two gerbers before the SOG but they just didn’t last.

  7. Tacosalad says:

    There are a few Gerber tools that have replaceable hard wire cutters but they are each 3-sided, which means you can just rotate it and get a fresh cutting edge.

  8. chris says:

    enything that will break in 25 years sent it back to them and they sent you a new one no cost just you pay the post to sent it but why chance a blade or somthing else if you can get a new one for free…..

  9. chris says:

    one more thing i had mine for 3 months and i was cleaning it when the cotton i was holding stuck in one of them thin lock when you take the blade out and it locks that small bit broke just like that from the cotton wool i had verry cheap disihgn there

  10. seraph037 says:

    I have this exact same leatherman, but it is called the “Core”.It has all the exact same tools,however, without the removable/replaceable cutting blades on the pliers. I work as an industrial fire fighter, and have used my tool every single day for the last seven yrs. I wouldnt trade it for any multi-tool ive seen so far.Well worth the cash IMO.

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