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From WPXI News in Pittsburgh:

Roy Rubin, 62, is accused of trying to stab a neighbor at his home in Union Township with a power tool. Police said Rubin cut down his neighbor’s chain-link fence with a Sawzall.”

WPXI says Rubin then “allegedly punched his neighbor in the face and went after him with the power tool, according to police.” It seems the neighbor was able to unplug the saw.

As a Toolmonger, I can’t help but wonder how this fight might’ve started. I’ve certainly seen my share of neighborly disputes over fences. Hell, two of the most-damaging-to-calm-living words ever invented are “shared fence.”

I remember a guy living down the street from me in Orlando, Florida, back in the early ’90s getting a $5,600 bill from his neighbor who’d unilaterally decided hire out the job of building a 12′ board-on-board cedar beauty on their shared fence line. When said non-new-fence-desiring guy pointed out he didn’t have $5,600 (and wouldn’t have spent it on the fence if he did), nastiness ensued, starting with ugly words, escalating to legal action, and culminating in unhappy living ’till one of the two moved.

And I also wonder whether the tool was really a Milwaukee or a recip saw of other make. Seems it made short work of the fence.

(Thanks, ben matthews, for the great CC-licensed photo.)

Man Allegedly Threatens Neighbor With Power Tool [WPXI Pittsburgh]


7 Responses to Man Allegedly Attacks Neighbor w/Sawzall

  1. Dave says:

    I have seen the light- finally, a good reason to upgrade to cordless!

    (OK, ok, that wasn’t right…)


  2. jeffrey immer says:

    oh no dead on, but maybe the gas powered chainsaw would prove a greater point

  3. davis says:

    Dave, now that’s funny ,

  4. Geoff says:

    So much for the saying “good fences make good neighbors”…..

  5. flarney says:

    Secret to good relations, don’t do anything along the property line without the consent of the neighbor. I have great neighbors now, and we did our mutually adjoining driveways a couple of months ago, but bad neighbors can get very nasty. Beating the hell out of the bad ones does work, but you might not get lucky like me and get acquitted 😉

  6. heywood j says:

    re: Geoff;

    Actually, that applies just fine…I hate chain-link fences! They are the worst hellspawned property boundaries.

  7. Brau says:

    We *had* one seriously imbalanced neighbour who at times had me worried about insane crap like this. He stole one neighbour’s trailer, flooded another’s basement by draining his pool into their yard, was caught peeping in the windows of another, and took out our shared fence so he could load excavation equipment & debris through our yard (quite a surprise coming home from work that day). The police had to be called all too often as he would become threatening if anyone approached him. After he finally moved, a few months ago, the whole ‘hood threw a good-riddance party (sadly, not kidding). Sometimes in life there just aren’t big enough fences.

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