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The next series of steps in rebuilding the Eaton M90 requires some new parts and careful disassembly. An arbor press is a must for this stage. Once the snout’s removed, it needs to be disassembled. There are two bearings, a seal, a spring, and the drive shaft inside, all of which need to be removed without damaging the snout. Only two snout parts carry over from the old to the rebuilt blower: the drive shaft, and the press-on, three-stud coupler.

The studded coupler must be removed first, a job handled nicely by a gear puller. Putting it back on is real fun, but we’ll cover that later. Once the drive shaft and end coupler are separated, the shaft can be pressed out the front of the housing. Since the front bearing is larger than the rear, you can also press the shaft out from the front, then separate the shaft, rear bearing, and drive coupler later. Once the snout bearings, male coupler, and shaft are removed, you’re left with a bare snout. Give that a good cleaning, and it’s ready to accept the new bearings.

From here, you’ll need a rebuild kit for the snout. Two bearings, a shaft seal, and some GM supercharger oil completes the shopping list. Mine came from Rolling Performance, and I opted for the uprated Viton nose seal (since I don’t believe in half measures with gaskets) and standard bearings. High-life ceramic bearings are available for a little extra.

Rolling Performance [Manufacturer’s Site]

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