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The Noden Adjust-A-Bench uses a pair of 26.25″ tall nesting frames that can ratchet up, using foot pedals, another 16.5″ via 12 locking stops (1.5″ increments) to provide the legs for a bench that can easily change height.

A basic kit (17″ W leg sets, 2 foot pedals, hardware package, and assembly instructions) costs $430 plus $60 shipping and handling. You provide the bench top (18″ min. recommended width) and the rails. Available accessories include different width castor packages (17″, 22″, 28″, and 40″; $160 plus $30 S & H), rail brackets, standard rails, and threaded rod. Complete benches (leg sets, bench rails, threaded rod, and solid hard maple butcher block top) are also available starting at $800 (60″ × 30″ × 1 3/4″ top, or 72″ × 24″ × 1 3/4″ top). The kit is designed and manufactured in the US.

I like the idea of an adjustable-height bench for many reasons, including that I would be less likely to tweak my back when the work surface is at a reasonable level. Have any Toolmongers used this bench? What’s your opinion?

Adjust-A-Bench [Manufacturer’s Site]
Adjust-A-Bench Leg Set Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to Hot Or Not? Noden Adjust-A-Bench

  1. David says:

    I have the Adjust-a-bench legs with a Sjobergs bench top mounted on it.

    Works great in my small shop. Gives me a lot more flexibility than I would otherwise have.

  2. Brian says:

    not for $430!!!

  3. jeffrey immer says:

    yeah i am not shelling out that sort of cash, might make something similar though. it’s a good idea but would i ever really use it to it’s potential?

  4. river1 says:

    good idea, but in my shop i’d end up adjust it to one height and there it would stay.

    later jim

  5. Kris says:

    For about the same price you could get the workbench lift http://toolmonger.com/2009/08/18/workbench-lift/ showcased a couple of months ago and keep your existing bench.

  6. Don says:

    I built the adjustable ends into my 3′ x 8′ bench. Love the ability to lower for hand planing, raise/lower for assembly, raise for detail work, etc. Very solid at all heights. I like em.

  7. Geoffrey Noden says:

    Price is now $475 and worth every penny

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