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Get all those weird endoscopic thoughts out of your head*. This USB Snake Scope “is a handy pipeline inspection and surveillance tool to help examine places that are hard to reach.” Powered by your computer’s USB port, the water-resistant camera head has two adjustable white LEDs for illumination and a 54° viewing angle f/2.8 lens with a 6 cm to infinity focal distance. Its 1/6″ CMOS VSA sensor (640×480 pixels) can take up to 30 fps videos, and also has a snapshot function. This flexible borescope’s cost ranges from $49 (but from a UK supplier, so shipping could be a tad expensive) to $74, and you also get a clip-on magnet for retrieving ferrous metal objects.

*Although I must admit I paused when I got to the “Insert into Post” command for adding its picture to the TM blog.

USB Snakescope Camera [Firebox]
Handheld USB Snake Scope [USB Fever]
USB Snake Scope Camera [Manufacturer’s Site]

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5 Responses to Handheld USB Snake Scope

  1. Jim German says:

    This sounds great, but the complete lack of any sample pictures on any of the linked website makes me thing the quality is rather awful.

  2. Mister Peepers says:

    An endoscope with a 6cm focal length?

    I can’t imagine that’ll cause any problems.

  3. I received one of these snake cameras as a gift but can’t get it to work on my mac. Anyone have any suggestions?

  4. SuperNinja says:

    Don’t automatically assume these are low quality simply because of the lack of sample photos.

    I have one of these, and it has helped me twice already, when I needed to see cables and/or pipes inside the wall.

    For $50, it is definitely worth it, and it is a very useful tool.

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