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The name of this is “Improved Video Inspection System.” Improved from what? The cordless driver they used the case to make this?

This feels overpriced to me. Like the gun-style form factor will make up for all the things that the Milwaukee already does that this can’t.

The Milwaukee has more modes and better attachments along with the bad-ass battery system. Save your cash if you need one and find one with the white lighting bolt on the side. Just say’n.

Improved Video Inspection System [Garrett Wade]


3 Responses to Improved Video Inspection System

  1. CaverX says:

    Do any of these have video outputs?

    It seems that would be a very simple addition.

  2. fred says:


    The new Ridgid See Snake that we are using has video output and a DVD recorder

  3. Kris says:

    I love to lust after stuff in the Garrett-Wade catalog but can find cheaper just as serviceable stuff elsewhere – but like a Playboy mag it’s fun to look at.

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