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The whole point behind owning utility lighters is that they fit into much smaller spaces than a big torch — and they give you a little room to get something lit without igniting yourself in the process. This lighter from Bernzomatic totally fits the bill: you can contort its flexible stem into all sorts of odd shapes to put the (“windproof”) flame exactly where you need it.

A built-in LED light helps if you happen to be, say, grilling at night — or trying to light a cooker from the back side. It’s refillable, too, just like most kitchen torches. And unlike my kitchen torch, the Bernzomatic includes a little window so you can see how much fuel’s left. You know, before you carry it out to the camp site sans refill.

$17 to $20 will buy you the lighter and a couple of refills, and I’d be willing you bet you can find this in most sporting goods stores as well as a few smoke shops.

Flexible Utility Lighter [Bernzomatic]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


7 Responses to Flexible To Light Fires — Not You

  1. smoky joe says:

    you can pick this up at wal-mart, sans led light, for ~$3.

  2. eriko says:

    I have been looking for a BBQ lighter the does not F****ing suck for a year or so. I picked up one of these (without the light) And it is great. Nice solid flame and it actually refills. I have bought several other that were “refillable” in name only.

  3. Brau says:

    Nice quality refillable lighter. Easy to use without all the annoying, hand twisting, childproof crap. Bought mine at Walmart. The rest gather dust.

  4. thomas says:

    I use mine to solder car & other wiring.. works great. fast. x had one that was made by arrow. had the same kinda flame. I looked for one forever and finally got this. Same flame. more expensive. but flexes.

  5. Old Coot says:

    smoky joe and/or Brau: Where in Wally World do they keep these? I got a blank stare from the teeny-bopper at my local store when I asked about them. Thanks in advance.

  6. Tony Clifton says:

    Look around the checkout that has the cigarette case behind it, I’ve usually seen them around there.

  7. Old Coot says:

    Tony: Thanks, I’m on my way.

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