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I just replaced my trusty but annoying 3AA Maglite with the incandescent bulb and twist-on lens. I’ve never been too much of a Maglite fan, but it’s hard to argue with the sheer number of them out there. They work, but now there’s a new hotness in my roll cab’s top drawer.

It’s Dorcy’s 160-lumen, 3AA K2, model number 41-4297. I’ve had it for about six hours, and I have no idea why the switch took me so bloody long. It’s a pocket rocket; I’d swear it’s brighter than a lot of car headlights. At about 5″ long, it’s pretty compact, though the flared lens housing makes it a little uncomfortable in one’s pocket. It’s a small price to pay, though, for swapping my peashooter for a tactical nuke. The switch on the rear is translucent, showing a battery status light that stays green until the battery life drops below 20%, then it switches to red.

Dorcy has the 3AAA K2 on sale for $35 before shipping, which is annoying since I just laid down $40 at Craftsman for it. Better yet, Amazon stocks it for $25, also before shipping. Serves me right for getting it out of the package before I got home. At $25, this one strikes me as a no-brainer if you need a light. And, if the K2 isn’t quite up your strasse, Dorcy makes a huge variety of intensities and sizes.

Dorcy Flashlights [Dorcy]
Dorcy 160-lumen, 3AA K2 LED Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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11 Responses to A Light Saber’s Little Brother

  1. JT says:

    I have been using Coast light for a few years now. Great battery life, blind you bright and Lowes carries them. I have 3 of them!

  2. Dave P says:

    I’ve got one of those. It’s so bright it’s not even funny. Think poor-man’s surefire.

  3. browndog77 says:

    I use the Coast LED lenser daily, and I am amazed at how long a single AA will last in such a bright light. The 3 LEDs are plenty for working under appliances. I own enough of these little lights (kind of a fetish) to know that all LED bulbs are not created equal. This light is as bright as some with 9 bulbs. I recently found a local lumber yard was closing out their stock of Coast products, and they had the 2 AA version for $25. I had forgotten about that until this post, & hope they still have one!

  4. Tetsubo says:

    I own both Dorcy and Coast lights. I like them equally. This Dorcy does sound nice though. But my favorite brand is Inova. I carry an Inova X5 daily. I also like D cell Maglites that have been converted to LED. I tend to use the Nite-Ize conversion bulbs. I have two in my house with wall mounts. One in the kitchen and one within arms reach of my bed. I like LED flashlights. 🙂

  5. JT says:

    Poor man’s surefire is right, I’ve seen them both in action and there’s not any difference!

  6. jeffrey immer says:

    my surefire gets hot really quick and it seems to go thru batteries fairly quickly, i do not use it often but i have had to replace the batteries 3 times this year

  7. Chris says:

    jeffrey immer: That’s because (most) Surefires use an incandescent bulb, which converts electricity to heat at about 90-95% efficiency :-p (That’s probably also why your battery life isn’t too great.)

    This flashlight is LED-based, so its battery life ought to be a lot better than any incandescent-based flashlight. I don’t have personal experience with this or any of the Surefires, but I’d imagine the LED-based Surefire lights have comparable battery life.


  8. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    I use a Surefire with the lithium cells and a 60 lumen LED. Bright as heck, and it also has semi-sharp crenelations around the lens for self protection use – hard to choose between that and the 6 D-cell Maglite for checking out that middle-of-the-night noise. The batteries last forever, and it just feels “right”. But darn expensive!

  9. David Bryan says:

    That looks and sounds just like the Dorcy lights I’ve been paying $10 for at Big Lots. They’ve got an AA Dorcy like this there for $10, too.

  10. browndog77 says:

    Though I was planning to pick up the 2 AA Led Lenser, today I found a comparable light made by Great Neck tools(or at least imported by them). Called the Great Lite, it was $10.00 at the local Sears parts store. Came with a nice leather loop-style sheath. Seems sturdy as any Maglite I’ve seen.

  11. DaveD says:

    Thanks to these comments I picked up 3 of these Dorcy lights at Big Lots for $10 each. I also picked up a Coast LED lenser v2 tactical at Lowes for $25. All nice lights for the money!

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