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Halloween is just days from Thanksgiving, which means we’re actually starting to see some Christmas goods hitting shelves around these parts. And you know what that means: It’s time to start digging for the boxes of house lights in the storage unit — and time for us to start thinking about our holiday gift guides.

Obviously we have some favorites that we hope will end up in socks and boxes this year. It’s been a great year for tools in many ways! But before we start the list, we’d like to know what you want to find under the tree in a few months. Let us know in comments if you will, as long as you don’t mind us maybe borrowing your favorite want this year to add to our own, both personally and professionally.

(Thanks, Hendrick’s Photos, for the great CC-licensed photo. And we hope Dennis liked his toolbox and other tools.)


17 Responses to Reader Question: What Do You Want For Christmas?

  1. bajajoaquin says:

    My Christmas list is going to focus on filling in gaps: I have standard combination wrenches, but only a few metric, so I’ll be asking for a set. Screwdrivers are the same way: I’ve got a bunch of mismatched old ones, so I’m asking for a nice, complete set. Socket holders and thumbwheel ratchets are on the list, too.

  2. EdwardC says:

    Thinking about what I want to find under the tree this year, I decided that the best gift would be for my family to get all of their stuff out of my shop so I can use it. I have most every tool I need, but because I am not in the shop 24 house a day, others think that it is a storage area. To my loving family….get your stuff out of my shop.

  3. Patrick says:

    I’m looking into getting a jointer, planer and bandsaw. I have them all picked out, just have to come up with the money.

  4. Alex French says:

    Space. Maybe it’s the economy, maybe something else, but there isn’t a day going by that I don’t see a nice looking piece of machinery on Craiglist for a price that’s almost trivial… if I only had space to work in. I don’t expect more space for Christmas, but Craigslist and other used equipment would be a great way for anyone to stretch [tool] gift-buying dollars with a little prudence.

  5. russ says:

    @EdwardC – I have the same problem. I just ended up putting their stuff up in the attic above the garage.

    It’s about that time of year again I turn in my left-over hotel points from my travels this year and get some gift cards so I have them for Thanksgiving week for the sales. One year I used them to purchase a portable table saw. I did a lot of traveling that year. I just have to figure out what I want, what I can get/actually afford, and what I have room for since I have a small shop. With the economy I didn’t get too many points this year. If any of you have a point system with CC, hotel, etc. that offers gift cards it is something you might want to look into.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Ben says:

    A soldering iron and MEGASQUIRT!!!! for my turbo Miata project! Can’t Wait!

    Thanks Santa!

  7. paganwonder says:

    The book- “The Boy who captured the wind”. An poor, illiterate african farm boy builds a wind turbine out of utter junk- very inspirational.

  8. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    Permission from the boss to use the tools I have! (with a 2 month old and a 3 year old, I have to work to even capture a few minutes a day in the shop)

  9. Steve says:

    A return of the Toolmonger Podcasts!!

  10. Frank Townend says:

    It’s October folks!

  11. kg2v says:

    A HTC Mobile base for my table saw
    Less bills
    More storage stuff (cabinets etc)
    Less bills
    A Hardinge HLVH with DRO, or preferably CNC
    Less Bills
    (Guess which one(s) I’ll probably get – the base, and less bills)

  12. kyle says:

    some more shop truck articles

  13. Flabby Boohoo says:

    I like to find work before Christmas… that would be the best gift (almost 6 months now).

  14. Todd says:

    Good to be reminded that there’s more to life than the next toy. Good luck, Flabby.

  15. @paganwonder I heard an interview with the guy who built the windmill; it was really neat to hear him describe how he studied pictures of windmills to figure out how to build his own.

  16. Jerry says:

    Christmas came already! In October, even. I finally finished up the project of turning my carport into a garage. Well, at least enclosed, roll-up and man doors installed – a lot of sorting out completed. Imagine going from a 6′ X 10′ storage shed to a 20′ X 30′ shop! Of course, one household member thinks it’s a “garage.”

  17. PutnamEco says:

    Good tools, made in USA….

    That, and new Toolmonger podcasts.

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