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What’s a modern mini-Li-Ion cordless tool kit without a flashlight to let those awesome little batteries go to work brightening up the dark spots? Nothing, that’s what. So we’re glad that Craftsman’s NEXTEC set includes one. But rather than heading down the single-bright-LED path, Craftsman hung a left, opting instead for 24 (!) individual light sources.

Admittedly, the rotating head is kinda cool. There’s something nice about being able to stand the light on end (or wherever you can stably cram it) then bend the light to point where you need it. But I’m a little concerned on a few counts:

First, does it actually stand well on the battery? We haven’t laid hands on one of these yet, but we do have a couple of other NEXTEC tools around the shop, and I suspect that that large, rotating head might unbalance this light — especially if you’ve got the head bent at an angle. Also, will its massive array of LEDs provide a truly wide field of light, bright enough to justify the battery drain?

We’ll see when we get a chance to check one out in person. One bright light: If you already own some NEXTEC tools, you’ll only pay $16 for the light.

NEXTEC 12V LED Worklight [Craftsman]


2 Responses to Craftsman Goes The Many-Bulb Route For NEXTEC

  1. bigboom says:

    When is Bosch going to have a light for there 12v system that doesn’t only come in a kit?

  2. Bill Fellner says:

    I have the set and love it. As for the flashlight… It balances well on the battery. I can sit it down and turn the head to it’s extreme position and it is still very stable. They did a really good job balancing the weight. I do electronics and when I need a *really* bright light on my bench it does the job. I typically use it with the head bent all the way out so the light is shining down on my work. The multiple LEDs are done well. The are all equal brightness and color. The beam pattern is dispersed nicely with no gaps or holes. The battery life is good as well. I’ve used multiple time for a couple hours straight and haven’t had it die on me yet. The head does get a little warm if you have it on for awhile though. It is the best flashlight i’ve ever gotten in one of these kits.

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