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Want to fasten your fall climbing plants or keep your indoor herb garden from exploding outward like a Tina Turner wig? Soft Ties are simply aluminum wire core covered in soft rubber, which means it can easily be cut with scissors. You can use them for supporting climbing plants or anywhere wire or nylon ties might cause damage.

AeroGarden sells the Soft Tie wire in a 25-foot spool for about $13. When the growing season is over you can save the ties and reuse them for many years.

Soft Tie [AeroGarden]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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6 Responses to Soft Twisty Ties For Plants

  1. TravisS says:

    I don’t know about re-using for many years. I’ve had some outside for all of four months, and it has pretty much disintegrated.

  2. @TravisS:

    After reading you comment I looked back at the Soft tie page and it says,
    “can be reshaped again and again.”

    I added “save the ties and reuse them for many years.” I inferred this, probably incorrectly, so please disregard it.

  3. flarney says:

    for $20 buy a book on knots and a lifetime supply of string. at fifty cents a foot it seems way overpriced.

  4. tim says:

    Isn’t this what old pantyhose are for?

  5. The Other Michael says:

    I’ve used pipe cleaners (12″) – pack of 100, cut in half, package lasts for a while for about $3 US – even cheaper online.

  6. fred says:

    My wife is a fan of plant tie tape – not sure which brand she uses – but has a roll that will probably last a few years. I looked at what Amazon sold:


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