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A handful of weeders exist that are designed to extract the entire root with the weed, but this cork screw weeder made in Holland by DeWit has got to be one of the strangest.

To use the weeder, you screw the corkscrew into the soil around the weed and pull up to remove the entire weed, root and all.¬†Dewit manufactures two different versions of the weeder; one measures 22″ long and weighs 15oz, the other extends 40″ and weighs 2-1/2lbs. Both weeders feature a wooden T-handle.

You’ll shell out $44 to have the 22″ long corks crew weeder shipped to your door. You’ll pay a little extra for the pleasure of standing — the longer 40″ weeder runs $65 shipped.

Cork Screw Weeder [DeWit Store]
Long Handled Weeder [DeWit Store]

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3 Responses to Oversize Corkscrew For Weeds

  1. Gordon DeWitte says:

    Don’t know how well these work, and I have no affiliation with the store, but — for some strange reason — I really like the store’s name.

  2. Kris says:

    Most mechanical type weeders I’ve seen has some kind of leverage system used with your feet to help pull the weed. I wonder how well this one would work – try using a corkscrew like this without a lever to help.

  3. Brau says:

    If this worked like a Star Frit corkscrew and pulled the plug out just by turning, I’d possibly be tempted to try it. As is, no way. It just doesn’t “Dew it” for me. My back doesn’t need that kind of stress.

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