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From Fine Woodworking, “the New Yankee Workshop is ending after 21 years on PBS.” But don’t throw out all your plaid shirts yet because Master Carpenter Norm Abram will continue working on This Old House.

“We’ve had a great run, built challenging projects, met wonderful woodworkers and received loyal support from millions of viewers,” Abram said in a statement.

The New Yankee Workshop is a co-production of Morash Associates, Inc. and WGBH Boston. Russell Morash — whose backyard is the secret location of the workshop — is the creator, executive producer, and director of the series. He is also credited with introducing the “how-to” programming concept to television through other celebrated WGBH produced series as This Old House, The Victory Garden, and Julia Child’s The French Chef.

New Yankee Workshop Series Ends [Fine Woodworking]
Norm Abram Closes “Yankee Workshop” [Hartford Courant]

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15 Responses to New Yankee Workshop To End

  1. Joe Sainz says:

    Thanks for all the shows Norm, I am hoping they will make a set of ALL the episodes, specials, etc. on DVD. I would shell out the cash for it, even though 20+ seasons would be a serious stack of dvd’s.

  2. Eli says:

    I hope the re-runs will stick around for a long time to come.

  3. Shopmonger says:

    Yes ALL PROPS TI HIS NORMNESS. We will miss him and don
    t forget your shop-glasses…..


  4. Jasony says:

    Noooo!!!! I love NYW!

  5. bidwell says:

    A dvd set would be awesome…. make it multimedia and include the plans.

  6. John says:

    It truly is a sad day for woodworkers. Thanks for everything Norm, we appreciated the years of teaching and safety. My buddy can recite your ditty on safety glasses perfectly including the little touch to the corner of the spectacles. One of the best TV shows ever made in my opinion. We wish you well in your future.

  7. Rick says:

    Well that just sucks.

  8. jccooper says:

    A very sad announcement. But after, what, 500 episodes I’d imagine you’d feel you’ve done everything you really need to do, so I can understand.

    Norm may continue on This Old house, but that show has gone so upscale that you hardly see him at all.

  9. Frank Townend says:

    Since you won’t be “needing” the shop Norm, I would be happy to help you out by taking it off of your hands. How about $500?

  10. A Ketelsen says:

    A sad day

  11. mike field says:

    What a sad day for wood working. Will plans and dvd’s still be available?

  12. eric joseph says:

    What a great run Norm. You have brought so much inspiration. In fact, you are the reason I started wood working. I daughter is a kindergarten teacher and I have built several pieces of furniture for her class room.Wood working is the most gratifying activity I have ever engaged in. Thank you for all those years of inspiration and great instruction. My prayers and good wishes go with you .


    Eric Joseph

  13. ted knuckles says:

    hi norm, we will miss you, all the best shows on t.v. seem to be leaving. we have watched you on the first this old house shows,. oh we knew who the real carpender was. we watch, ask this old house, also. we surely will miss you gentlemanly ways with people you’ve met, on your shows. our dream was to one day come visit your shop. good luck with whatever you decide to do. ted and susie

  14. dr. detroit says:

    Very sad to learn of the end of NYW. Would you reconsider???? I have a project I’d like to see you do on your show! It is a wooden high chair almost 65 years old that my oldest sister, now 64, and all four of us siblings, along with some of the kids and grandkids have used. I don’t know where my mom(now deceased) bought it but we’ve never seen one like it anywhere. It easily converts to a play station Could you be tempted for one more episode? Thanks for the many good years of vastly informational shows. P.S. please reply yea or nay.

  15. Brian thompson says:

    I will miss watching Norm every saturday day morning, I have been watching NYW since i was 12.

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