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How many times do you run back and forth setting up sprinklers before you get the coverage just right? Normally, if you’re not looking for a soaking, you can go all the way back to the spigot on the house, try kinking the hose, or try to outguess where the sprinkler is spraying next. A better way might be to use the Floa Constrictor.

Made in Canada from PVC, the Floa Constrictor clips over any 1/2″ or 3/4″ garden hose and uses a wide screw which squeezes the hose to restrict or stop the flow altogether. It’s easily placed, moved, or removed anywhere on the garden hose.

You’ll pay $7 for the Floa Constrictor before shipping charges.

Floa Constrictor [Corporate Site]
Floa Constrictor [Lee Valley]

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9 Responses to The Floa Constrictor

  1. emis says:

    …well that seems like a good way to damage or weaken your hoses… no thanks, I’ll just buy an in-line valve for around the same price.

  2. aaron says:

    interesting idea. not too much $, even if you can rig one up out of narrow PVC pipe and a thumbscrew

  3. BC says:

    @emis I was thinking the same thing… In-line valves are about a buck and a half at any big box.

  4. tooldork says:

    I just kink the hose, seems to work fine.

  5. miltimj says:

    A solution in search of a problem.

  6. flarney says:

    You can get valves at the dollar store too. A bit fragile but they’ve lasted two years so far, and the replacement cost is right.

  7. Thad E Ginathom says:

    Bad engineering: the screw seems to directly contact the pipe. Must cause damage.

    Bad idea

  8. Tom says:

    I got one and it works great and is very accurate, I can adjust the water coverage to within inches. Unlike the inline valves one unit can be used on several hoses and the placement can be changed as needed. The hemispherical piston head swivels to protect the hose.

  9. Attilio says:

    I worked with the inventor on this product and we have addressed all the concerns noted above. #1 Floa will not damage your hose, it was tested to 1500 cycles in the the same spot on the hose and absolutely no damage was done inside or outside the hose. The end of the screw head has a rotating cap that only applies downward pressure on the hose not a twisting pressure. #2 The Floa is made of UV protected high impact PVC so it won’t crack under pressure like a standard piece of pipe might and believe me there is a lot of pressure on a water filled hose. #3 for $7.99 this product is meant to several years in fact you may never need another one. #4 as Tom says you can easily move this from front yard to back yard hose without undoing your fittings. #5 kinking your hose does not allow you to reduce or increase the flow from in view of the sprinkler head like the floa does. It’s a real time and frustration saver.

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