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Right now Amazon has the Coleman Cable 9347 Indoor Safe Tree Extension Cord for $6.85.

The Safe Tree cord is a somewhat bizarre product. It is presumably a mercury switch in an extension cord. The box is lashed to the tree and if the tree falls over power is cut off. It’s certainly a dream product for those of us who worry too much, although we can’t really see how a falling tree will cause a problem electrically. Unless it falls in the pool. In which case the switchbox will get wet anyway. But we can think of other tools or products that could benefit from this, and it is certainly a cheap “hackable.”

Coleman Cable 9347 Indoor Safe Tree Extension Cord Via Amazon [What’s This?]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Coleman Cable Indoor Safe Tree Extension Cord

  1. Geoff K. says:

    A falling tree can indeed cause problems, for sure. A couple of years ago 2 days after Christmas I looked out our front window to see flames pouring out of my neighbor’s dining room windows 8 feet high. The fire took more than 6 hours to fully extinguish, slowly sneaking up the eaves and finally into the attic. After a 4×4 foot hole was cut in the roof the fire dept. finally put it out. They were out of their house for almost a year before repairs were completed.

    One parent works from home, and had walked down the street to the post office with her 2 daughters. They returned 15 minutes later to find the back of the house being torn apart by firemen.

    The cause: their Christmas tree — with the tree lights on — tipped over in the dining room and some of the lights broke, shorting and igniting whatever lay beneath the fallen tree. That was one tough Christmas for our neighbors.

    Leaving tree lights on and unattended is a bad idea…

  2. Shopmonger says:

    Before believing that bulbs cause fires………see Mythbusters christmas special.

    It is almost always the cord. these are a great idea.


  3. John Eisenhower says:

    I imagine if it was a real Christmas tree instead of a fake plastic one, it had water in the basin under it. That could cause the problem they are trying to solve.

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