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Despite the name and looks, don’t expect the alien horde to wave these around when they come for Earth. This $310 oddball is designed to spread CV joint boots wide enough to slip the narrow end over the bearings to save time. I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone without the patience to remove the joint’s circlips to install the boot, so this is probably a production-only or very specialized tool. It seems to use an adjustable air supply to apply enough torque to spread the boot, but I can’t be sure since I’ve never used one.

The only reason I mention the Rapid Flexx is the sheer oddity of this thing. Why spend over three hundred dollars to save five minutes? Maybe some CV joints are just more of a headache than I’m used to, but I honestly have trouble seeing the point of this one. And I own a special socket for Ecotec oil filter cartridges. What say you, Toolmongers? Can you think of a time when the cost would be justified?

Rapid Flexx Boot Gun [SJ Discount Tool]

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5 Responses to Rapid Flexx Boot Gun

  1. dar dobs says:

    -saw a demo of it at a trade show 8yrs ago
    -worked great& can’t figure out why they’re not used by all shops

  2. william coffey says:

    if you rebuilt half-shafts all day long i’m sure you could find this a very handy tool. it’s overkill for one or two boots but fine for production work

  3. Mrten says:

    I had a boot replaced by one of these when my car had an emergency repair on holiday in a repair shop in Denmark. The job was completed much, much quicker (and thus pretty cheap), but the boot had to be replaced again when we came back.

    So, a point for speed, but take one off again for overstretching the boot.

  4. Sweettalker says:

    You would have to do quite a few and save a lot of time to make it worth it.

  5. flarney says:

    looks like a gynecological tool from hell, got to show it to the woman to see her reaction heeheehee

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