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AllProTools has the Porter Cable 7335 RO sander for $99.00 on sale right now.

The 7335 has a 3.7 amp motor, variable speed, 5″ diameter and a generally high build quality. It seems as if it may be a discontinued model in favor of the 7445, so prices may continue to fall over time. I’ve been using a yard sale score ($20!) 7335 for the past few years and it has never failed me in spite of having been mightily abused by the previous owner. Being able to hold it with two hands means greater control and less fatigue (although it is heavier) than palm type sanders.

Porter Cable 7335 [allprotools.com]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: Porter Cable Random Orbital Sander

  1. Gough says:

    We have several of these and they are workhorses for us! We also have the 6″ pads and counterweights so we can change them to the larger sanding disks when appropriate. I was sad to see that this model was being replaced; I might pick up a couple of spares.

  2. fred says:

    PC was – as far as I can remember – the first to introduce the RO sander. We bought several of this same-style machine when the first hit the market. They still work – so I second Gough’s comment.

  3. Shopmonger says:

    BTW just a suggestion from a fellow cheap ass.. the BnD Random orbit sander, is awesome……… It has been a hard working sander in my wood shop for years now… get used on a daily basis…. I bought it for using on a single project and thought i would never use it again. But now it has become the work horse of the whop. Replaced a Dewalt RO sander.


  4. KMR says:

    Don’t forget that PC has a nice 3 year warranty as standard…

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