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Currently MSC is selling the Flexbar magnetic Soft Jaws for vises for $12.99.

You can get less expensive vise jaw liners (such as these from Sears), but the Flexbar soft jaws are a bit more versatile. One jaw has a horizontal vee groove and the other has two vertical and one at 45 degrees for holding all manner of work. They’re made of nylon, which wears well in this application. MSC is difficult to link to for sale pricing so the part# is LR09232208.

Flexbar Magnetic Soft Jaws [mscdirect.com]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Flexbar Magnetic Soft Jaw Vise Liners

  1. Clark says:

    I’ve bought two sets of these (Flexbar brand) from two different sources and all four pads are curved so the magnet touches the vise jaw for only an about inch. As a result they fall on the floor if any air molecules happen to strike them. They flex nicely when you clamp down, but by that point you don’t need the magnets at all.

    Great idea, but a little care in manufacturing would have gone a long way!

  2. Shopmonger says:

    I got a set from all our favorite store HF and love them

    Magnets work great after cleaning off the flash from molding.


  3. Mike47 says:

    I found an excellent source of tiny, strong magnets that can be used to make vise pads. Electric toothbrushes have magnets in the replaceable bush heads, which can be twisted loose with pliers. I used plywood, drilled 4 shallow holes on one side of each of two pieces, and glued the magnets in with polyurethane glue.

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