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When it comes to automotive work, there are two things every Toolmonger shy of Jay Leno has troubling handling in their garage: suspension alignment and anti-theft systems. Tools exist to handle both, but very few have these tools. For the latter, leave it to the dealer, but most suspension adjustments can be handled with simple gear like the Longacre Racing toe bar.

As you can see, it’s easy to make one yourself. The bar amounts to two adjustable points on an arm. Use a scribe and test stand to to put a fine circle in either tire, the same radius on either side, by putting the scribe and stand on the ground and rotating the tire. Then use this bar to measure the difference in the width between the front and rear extremes of each circle.

There are other methods for measuring toe and differing opinions about which method is best. This one takes a steady hand, but isn’t affected by any weirdness (a highly technical term) in the sidewall. Longacre Racing’s part number 7962 is among the best if you’re going to purchase a toe bar, which will cost, near as makes no difference, a hundred dollars, but a few hours in a fab shop and a stick-on ruler will serve just as well.

Longacre Racing Toe Bar [Baker Precision]

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3 Responses to Skip The Rack

  1. Shopmonger says:

    I used to us an old piece of bar stock and some long rulers…. man this would have been nice….


  2. toby says:

    It can handle toe-in/out only,I wouldn’t call that ‘most’. What about caster and camber?

  3. ambush says:

    Toe can also be easily measured with a tape measure, using the same technique.

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