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Lee Valley has four discontinued books on sale (they bought remaindered stock) for $6 or less each. The two that I find most interesting, pictured above, cover building workshop workstations and power-tool joinery (the other two are about garden design and orchids). Stock is limited.

Building Workshop Workstations [Lee Valley]
Building Workshop Workstation Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Power-Tool Joinery [Lee Valley]
Power-Tool Joinery Via Amazon [What’s This?]

3 Responses to Dealmonger: Lee Valley Books $6 Each

  1. SharkBreath says:

    Amazon doesn’t show them on any type of clearance or sale. Best to order from Lee.

  2. Gordon DeWitte says:

    The Amazon link was for price comparison. The books are only on sale at Lee Valley.

  3. Slapinem says:

    sweet post!!! I just ordered 7 of the books, 75% off!!! what an incredible deal thanks a lot!

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