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I couldn’t care less about a stiff left leg when traffic crawls; I am a religiously dedicated manual driver. I’ll stay away from the reasons – we’ve all heard them ad nauseum. Servicing a clutch can be a chore, but the same is true of torque converters, though the latter can’t really be serviced by less than a professional.

Replacing a clutch requires an alignment tool, which is usually included with aftermarket clutches, but not necessarily with OEM and stock-replacement clutches. And sometimes the guy in the packing department had a liquid lunch. When you need one, the imaginatively-named Clutch Tools has just about everything. Manufactured from pressure-molded plastic by Kingsborne, and available for everything Chevrolet to Jensen-Healey, Clutch Tools retails them for about $10 apiece with free shipping.

There’s no getting away from the fact that these aren’t versatile tools. You’ll use them once every clutch replacement, anywhere from 25,000 to 150,000 miles depending on how vicious your car is, but no sane man would attempt a clutch job without the correct tool.

Kingsborne Clutch Alignment Tools [Clutch Tools]

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4 Responses to Alignment For Any Clutch

  1. Shopmonger says:

    When i first started in a shop. we had 2-3 of these wooden taper pegs that were used to align the clutch… What a pain. I would up using the transmission input shaft to alight it….Even more a pain, then after awhile i kept old input chaft6s around for easy use, but these took up a lot of space…. Now these.. thee are the way to go. By the time i left, i had a large box of these i left with the new mechanic. What a god send they are. I still have a few from some race cars, but none that are very useful anymore…Guess they should just get recycled.


  2. Swedub says:

    I have one left over from a clutch job I did on a 74 VW Super Beetle, by myself without an engine jack. It took my 18 hours across two days but I eventually finished. Now I have a 95 VW Golf which needs a new clutch. Even though I actually enjoy fixing my own things I am going to pay someone else to replace my clutch this time.

  3. BadBob says:

    I put in several clutches before I knew one of these existed. I still haven’t used one. Maybe next time.

  4. Joe C. says:

    Check the new clutch package before you buy one of these–some brands include them.

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