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Automotive aftermarket supplier Eastwood is best known for their painting and media-blasting products, which are uniformly excellent. They also retail a simple set of pliers designed for forming hard brake lines. It’s probably harder to use and less accurate than models from Ridgid, Swagelok, or Imperial, but the $30 price tag is nice and low.

Benders small enough for brake lines aren’t that common since most OEMs make expensive but excellent direct-replacement lines in case the originals fail. Decent brake shops and car parts stores sell straight sections of tubing in many lengths with pre-made fittings on the ends, so buying those and using a bender like this is a good way to save.

Eastwood sells their pliers for $30, and as usual, there’s a Harbor Freight option from God knows who for less. $6, to be exact. The shape of the two options looks identical, but different grips and what looks like a higher-quality casting set the Eastwoods apart.

Brake Line Pliiers [Eastwood]
Brake Line Pliers [Harbor Freight]

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2 Responses to Eastwood Brake Line Benders

  1. mramseyISU says:

    I’ve got one of the eastwood ones and love it for making slight tweaks to brake lines.

  2. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah this looks great for those small adjustments especially when you are under the car and can not get to the bender……


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