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Nailing up hidden gutter hangers can be a challenge. One reason they’re called “hidden” is they are fastened to the fascia under the lip of the shingles and inside the gutter where there ain’t much room to swing a hammer. To solve this problem, Malco’s Gutter Nail Driver both holds the nail and transfers the striking surface outside the gutter where you can get a good swing.

The two-piece steel tool consists of a plunger within a tube. You stick the nail in the business end which pushes the plunger out. Then you place the nail in the hidden hanger hole and hit the plunger with a hammer to drive the nail.

Malco plates the tool with zinc and nickel to resist the elements and wraps it with a non-slip grip. It’s made specifically for 8D galvanized nails. Pricing for the Gutter Nail Driver starts at $10.

Gutter Nail Driver [Malco]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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6 Responses to Gutter Nail Driver

  1. Joe C. says:

    Please don’t nail gutters! Some of us have to take them down from time to time. Screws are better by far.

  2. Eeyore says:

    These days, I barely use nails for anything. Anything over the size of a finishing nail gets a screw instead. Over the weekend, I wanted to drive a big nail to hang something off of, and I realized that I didn’t have any. I wound up relocating a hanger nail that a previous resident of this house had left behind.

  3. ttabob says:

    I had the gutters redone and insisted on hidden hangers and s.s. screws only. I had replaced the facia boards with pressure treated witch warranted the s.s.

    Even without pressure treated, in certain areas the fasteners need to be stainless. I say gutters and auto exhaust systems are 2 obvious places.

  4. Sweettalker says:

    Looks like a nail punch used on siding trim as well.

  5. Zathrus says:


    There are places where you have to use nails for code compliance — screws do not hold shear loads well (they snap, while nails bend).

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