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The biggest tire I ever had to change came from a Massey-Harris 44 and was just a few inches under five and a half feet tall. Let’s just say that the experience left me with a healthy respect for heavy-equipment mechanics. Something like Ken Tool’s Serpent might have been a saving grace. Designed for mounting and de-mounting tubeless truck tires, it’s a simple but elegant twist on the usual flat pry bar, as shown by a Ken Tool product demonstration that found its way to YouTube.

Serpent tools are priced for pros and shops, carrying (at Amazon) a hefty $154 price tag for a mounting bar, de-mounting bar, bead holder, and rim protector. The individual parts from the set can be purchased one by one if you look around, but the price for one component often exceeds the price of Amazon’s bundle.

Ken Tool Tire Bars Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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