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Let’s get the negatives out of the way: “pulley puller” sounds like a character from a kid’s cartoon, and the hefty $200+ price tags units like these carry makes them a less-than-intelligent purchase for most of us. Only garage mechanics or tuners with supercharged engines are ever likely to need one of these. But they are the only way to go if you need to remove a supercharger pulley. I rebuilt an Eaton M90 a few months ago, didn’t use one of these, and wound up needing a new pulley.

As you can see from the photo above, there’s no reason a competent machinist couldn’t make one of these in an afternoon. It’s basically a two-prong puller, but the prongs are bolts grabbing a nice, wide flange to keep the considerable force from deforming your nice, expensive ‘charger pulley. Since Eaton’s basically the only widespread supercharger manufacturer, and they have only a few offerings (the M45, M62, M90, and M120 are most common), it should be possible to make a nearly-universal puller without much trouble.

The kit above is manufactured by SLP Performance, retails for $255 before shipping through Summit Racing Equipment, and is designed for GM’s supercharged 3800 V6s. Other kits are available for Mustangs of many flavors, but about $30 in raw materials and a few hours with a Bridgeport should land you something just as functional without the wallet pinch.

GM 3800 V6 supercharger pulley remover [Summit Racing Equipment]
Ford supercharger pulley remover [Summit Racing Equipment]

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  1. Shopmonger says:

    I gotta say I love me some SLP they made a race car for me years ago, and damn that was nice…….

    Never used thier tools though….

    Anyone have any experience


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