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Forget stethoscopes and bolt cutters; this is the 21st century. This modern piece of safe-cracking equipment is simply a sensitive microphone, amplifier, and headset designed to work together to make Hollywood’s beloved by-ear safe crack a reality. Apparently, it includes some kind of noise cancellation, since the manufacturer claims you can “tune out distracting noises and hone in on the signals you are listening for,” and it’s sensitive enough to allow a skilled user to determine the type of mechanism he’s cracking.

It’s probably a bad idea to use this for anything other than its intended purpose. Odds are that the amplification is strong enough to blow out your eardrums with any noise beyond the usually-inaudible ticking of a lock mechanism. But if you need to get into a safe, this is one of few non-damaging methods. Lockmasters makes two versions: a $138 base model, and the pictured $315 Pro edition.

Lockmasters Incorporated [Lockmasters]
Lockmasters’ Lock Amp [Lockmasters]
Lockmasters’ Pro Amp [Lockmasters]

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6 Responses to Lockmasters Safe-Cracking Amplifier

  1. Gough says:

    As if I’m not already at risk of being arrested for “possession of burglary tools” with all of the flat bars, etc. that I’m carrying with me. On the other hand, it would be fun to play with. Years ago, we were involved in a bank remodeling. One of our jobs was to repaint the door to the old vault, now used for documents and rarely, if ever, locked. We had to take apart some of the locking mechanism to paint and my helper was fascinated to learn how the tumblers, etc. worked. Somehow, he convinced me that he could open it if he were locked inside. It’s still unclear to me why I went along with his plan, but I did. After I locked the door, I spent about 3-5 of the longest minutes of my life waiting for the dial to turn and the door to open. Meanwhile, I was waiting for the GC to walk by and ask me what was going on. Fortunately, my helper was successful and we didn’t have to call a locksmith.

  2. Patrick says:

    Why is there a “Pro” version of a tool mainly used in high profile bank robberies?

    • Jeff says:

      You’ve been watching too many movies.. This tool is used by professional locksmiths and safe technicians every day in order to open locks without having to drill them.

  3. Alex says:

    I can’t find anything about a “base model”, and I’ve looked everywhere. I’m starting to doubt it exists.

  4. Jeff says:

    Lockmasters still makes and sells both, but only if you have a commercial account at their site lockmasters.com The Pro-Amp model is part # LKM1036AMP and the base model is called the Lock-Amp and is part # LKM1116AMP

    Here’s a photo of the base one: http://www.lockmasters.com/Ecommerce/Site/images/Photo1/LKM1116AMP.jpg

    I believe it is a modified Radio Shack personal amplifier with magnetic base microphones.

  5. chubby says:

    I’m not a burglar all right and i’m not ready to be one either!

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