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The Stanley® FatMax™ Portable Truck Box (part number 036800R) is a 42-gallon capacity storage system that’s 22-1/4″ H × 44″ L × 19″ W. It has a water-resistant seal, a security system with alarm and code panel, heavy-duty 8.5″ wheels, and locks into a docking station that can be bolted to any truck bed. Pricing and availability information is a bit sparse: the only price estimate I’ve been able to find is $290, which is in the same ballpark as crossbed boxes, and apparently only Lowe’s carries it.

Does its roll-around portability make it more useful than a crossbed or other truck bed box? What do you think?

Stanley FatMax Portable Truck Box [Manufacturer’s Site]

Update: The people at Stanley gave us a quick ring with a little more information. First, this will sell for right at $200. Second, this is actually a security box. It locks to a docking station in the back of your truck and is unlocked with an electronic keypad. Basically, the idea behind this product is to keep people from ripping off your stuff while you’re parked at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or a quick stop at the jobsite. You’ll hear more about this product soon — we’ve got one in for test.

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18 Responses to Hot Or Not? Stanley FatMax Portable Truck Box

  1. Blind says:

    Wouldn’t 42 gallons worth of tools be rather heavy to be lifting into and out of a truck bed?

  2. Gordon DeWitte says:

    @ Blind

    That was one of my concerns, too. Not sure that the handle and wheels would help much, and just pushing it off the tailgate seems a bit harsh.

  3. Toolhearty says:

    We have a couple of a lesser version of this thing (no alarm, headlights, navigation system, etc.) at work used mainly to store equipment. They really haven’t held up all that well. Of course, people tend to use them as benches or step-ladders.

  4. jeffrey immer says:

    the benches and stepladders yes, but i have 3 of the 36″ mobile job boxes and they have been durable, i have one that has approx 250 lb worth of tools and a massive vise for redeployment back to the states, i personally have treated mine well, others have not faired well. i think 42 gallons will be way too heavy for tailgate dropping and it seems really expensive. if you could afford to purchase several and customize each to work with what you need for a particular job that might be cool. besides that seems kind of not hot

  5. jason says:

    These don’t last.

    I fly around 150,000 miles a year for work and take a tool box with me 95% of the time.

    I had a craftsman travel box that lasted about 5 months. I bought a Pelican box to replace it and haven’t had in issue in about 5 years.

    I wouldn’t recommend something like the Stanley product if you plan to actually travel with the box.

  6. rg says:

    Besides the other concerns, it’s too high to fit under my hard tonneau.

  7. Tim says:

    Agreed … this box filled to capacity would be way to heavy to lift. You would have to carry around a ramp to safely roll this off your bed and who would want to waste valuable bed space just for a ramp to off load a tool box? I think the concept is good but the execution by Stanley was not that hot.


  8. fred says:

    This might be a case of too light for heavy work and too heavy for light work.
    We use Knaack Boxes – that when loaded are lifted out with a forklift, crane or more often a backhoe and slings.

  9. Shopmonger says:

    I used one of these when i used to work on homes. I would carry one of these around with all the basic tools in it. It lasted 5 or more years, which i think is reasonable. Yes it can get heavy, but i think it is important to use the wheels. I used a ramp to walk it up into my Scout. Nice and easy.


  10. Dan says:

    How does the docking station hold up after a few loads of dirt?

  11. Dave says:

    NOT HOT – the price has dropped from $249.00 to $99.00 at Lowe’s and docking system is in the way of drywall, plywood, etc when you lay it in the bed. The box is to big to be useful to drop down from back of a 4X4 and even the strongest amongst us can’t hardly lift it at the end of the day. One crappy little organizer and the rest is empty space to eat your smaller tools.

    It was a neat idea – but Stanley really should start hiring people that actually work with tools and trucks before putting stuff like this on the market – they are like Black and Decker to much energy wasted on gimmicks and garbage and not enough time spent on quality and functionality.

    Oh and Stanley if you read this – people don’t want to drill holes in their truck bed – it’s like begging for rust, get a clue.

  12. PutnamEco says:

    Dave Says:
    but Stanley really should start hiring people that actually work with tools and trucks before putting stuff like this on the market – they are like Black and Decker
    I guess you haven’t heard Stanley and Black & Decker are one now.

  13. Dave says:

    Reckon that’s explains all the goofy gimmick stuff.

  14. Ranen says:

    I mounted two on a piece of plywood I cut for the back of my truck. They work great for holding my tool bags and tools and I can still fit the big stuff in front of them. I think 250 is a bit much but they are at lowes now for around $70

  15. donte210 says:

    these are now at lowes fo 49.00 i just bought two . fits perfect between bedliner and soft cover.

  16. memarshall says:

    I purchased three at Lowes for $49.00 several months ago and quickly realized once loaded with tools, too heavy to lift out of a lifted 4X4. Luckly, did not drill holes to mount track in truck bed. Using them for storage of holiday decorations and camping gear storage. Wife love the pull out handle and wheels for her storage needs easy for her to move around house and yard, great for camping supplies, doubles as table and seat. Went back to Lowes and found seven on final clearance at $19.80 (Ouch to those to paid $200.00 orginal price) using for storage of bukley items. Note to Stanley Corp. trash the truck bed track, and the electronic lock, keep the key lock and market with red/green/camouflage plastic colors as general storage units!

  17. Scott says:

    Below is what I started sending to Stanley on 09/17/2010, the pictures I attached show a rusted control panel and more corrosion in the battery compartment then I have ever seen on a marine battery after a year. 3 months later the control panel has started to separate from the box and as I said the mechanical lock doesn’t work at all and what makes matters worse is that Stinkley won’t even respond, oh looks like I spelled that wrong. After 3 attempts to reach them via email I finally called, get this, They said mail it to them and if they find it to be defective they’ll send another one. What in the hell makes them think I want to do this every 6 months? I’ll have pictures on my website today or tomorrow.


    I have had your lockable truck mount storage box since just before Christmas 09. I didn’t mount it till 01/10 sometime. Anyway, it’s junk. It started falling apart on the way out of the box so I fix it. Once mounted it was the greatest thing (if you get past the rust and the stickers falling off after the first week) in the world, cool little keypad and electric locking mechanism and all (all my co-workers were jealous as heck). Well, after the batteries died in about 6 months it lost all luster once again. I just got around to changing them a few minutes ago and look what I found, oh yeah it doesn’t work anymore either and there is no way to mechanically lock the box. My wife paid just over $200.00 for it; if you send me a check I’ll promise not to bad mouth ya’ll too much.

  18. Scott says:

    Well at least I’m not all alone. Stanley called today, said if I can prove how much I paid then they will replace my funds.

    Now that’s called customer satisfaction, thank you Stanley

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