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Welding Supply currently has the Tweco SMGC200 Magnetic Ground Clamp for $22.95

Used in place of the typical alligator clamps, the SMGC200 Magnetic Ground Clamp allows you to quickly place the ground clamp on any flat or round surface. The top handle actuates the magnet and is rated for 200 amps and 176 degrees F.

Tweco SMGC200 Magnetic Ground Clamp [weldingsupply.com]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Tweco Magnetic Ground Clamp

  1. Rob K says:

    Rigid just put a line of “On/Off” Magnets out too…..


  2. Magnets just? act like springs. Imagine trying to make a motor with nothing but springs. Never going to happen.

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