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OK, so the title is a lie. You could easily under-price this jewel of an ass-rest by picking up a Snap-On keychain, or even a single socket (or two if you chose carefully). But then you’d be stuck standing, wouldn’t you? Seriously, though: everyone needs a shop stool — or a couple if you plan on inviting your friends over for shop fun. And unless you plan on building your own, $100 flat isn’t really that bad for a fancy seat like this one.

“But is it really heavy duty,” you ask? I gave it the quick test of sitting my own fat ass on it (briefly), and it didn’t fall to pieces. So there’s that. It’s certainly shiny. Anyway, if you do want one, you’ll probably find it at your local Costco. That’s where I found this one.


8 Responses to The Cheapest Snap-On Tool You’ll Ever Own

  1. steveb83 says:

    I wonder if it’s an actual Snap-On bench or one of those new “sell the name” things Snap-On’s been doing. I see Snap-On crap everywhere these days, and it’s always some no-name piece of junk with the Snap-On name on it.

  2. Jerry says:

    I tend to agree with steveb83. Of course, it’s not just Snap-On these days. Everyone is selling their name to anyone with the cash. Sad. I’d be really suspicious of this one since it’s a SnapOn thing sold at Costco.

  3. Barri says:

    Why would anyone want a snap-on stool when they could have this one? http://toolmonger.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/loot-01.jpg

  4. DaveH says:

    I looked at it at Costco.

    The seat is OK but the back is not very adjustable. You pull out two pins to raise and lower it but there is only one set of holes drilled in the support rods and the seat back is to low for my comfort. The wheelbase is a little short for my comfort too — tippy…

    I have a Steelcase drafting stool that I bought from a used Office stuff store for $50 a couple years ago and have beat the snot out of it and it is still just fine.

  5. kdp says:

    RE: sell the name

    After the 18 millionth John Deere branded toy found its way into my son’s toybox I started wondering if JD even made tractors anymore or if they had gone into the toy/hat/knick-knack business.

    Looking here (http://finance.yahoo.com/q/is?s=DE&annual) answered that question.

  6. bobk says:

    I like DaveH’s drafting stool idea.

    Along the same lines, we have a used office furniture/supplies/everything store here in KC that periodically sells used office chairs for as little as $5 each – when they get a huge oversupply – usually $20-$25. They roll, they spin, they adjust vertically (within limits).

    I love them.


  7. JEREMY PALMER says:

    Snap-On should recall these immediately before any more harm is done to their once fine reputation. I picked one up at Costco today and was expecting a superior seat, but instead it has major design flaws.

    1. The back rest is all wrong… not high enough and also not far enough back from the seat. Perhaps the ergonomics were for a tiny Chinese lady, but in no way do they fit my good sized frame. There is no adjustment and the parts are not large enough to position the seat back even when the detents are not used.

    2. The castors are the wrong tire formulation… way too soft and do not roll easily, as nice as they look.

    Snap-On should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously no one sat in the thing. It goes back to Costco tomorrow.


  8. Kristy says:

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good stool? I was going to get the Snap-on for my husband, and I’m so glad I read your comments. Do you know anything about this one from The Garage Cabinet Store?



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