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Qual-Craft’s ladder hooks attach to a ladder and then hook over the ridge of a roof to provide a secure foothold on steeper-pitched roofs. The pictured model also has a wheel which allows you to roll the ladder up the roof rather than slide it.

The Ladder Hook hooks around the second-to-the-top rung; a rung clip which can be tightened with a wing nut secures it to the top rung. It’s adjustable and works with wood, fiberglass, and aluminum single or extension ladders with round or D-rungs. You’ll need two of these ladder hooks per ladder.

QualCraft doesn’t recommend using their ladder hook on roofs with ridge vents. Pricing for the ladder hook with roller starts at $21 each, but remember you’re going to need two.

Ladder Hook (pdf) [Qual-Craft]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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4 Responses to Hook And Ladder

  1. rick says:

    Hmm, seems to me I would only bother with these if I was a roofer. And if I was a roofer I would probably just mig weld casers right to the ladder instead of these. It woul dbe one less thing to get hung up and trip over…

    my 2 cents anyways.


  2. jeffrey immer says:

    to me that is straight retarded, it’s like selling 1 shoe, but on the other hand don’t you hate it when you get a set and one breaks and you have to purchase another one. several years ago when i worked day to day in remodeling we were looking for something like this for when guys had to go on steep roofs. it would have come in real handy.

  3. Gough says:

    We’ve got two sets of these and use ’em a lot. They aren’t just for roofing; we use them for painting. They’re one way to get access to some of those funky dormers that McMansions have.

    I’d never seen the warning about roof vents and we’ve used them on many roofs that had them. It just requires a little more care when putting them in place so the hook is resting on the roof on the far side of the vent, not on the vent itself.

    rick, we had a ladder modified for this for years, and it worked OK, but it was a uni-tasker. All it was good for was that one thing. Since we switched to the roof hooks, we can just attach them to whichever ladder is appropriate and away we go. Or not, as the case may be.

  4. matt stevenson says:

    I was a commercial/residential painter for 13 years and found this tool to be ‘pricelss’. Nothing works better or beats the mobility or convenience on working rooflines and dormers. Just separate any extension ladder and attach this hook to one end – no sweat. One is all you need: If you can’t manage with one you should not be climbing around on roofs. Safe and very effective: if you have any sense.

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