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TM has had recent posts about both soldering and desoldering. If you’re doing either, the Edsyn FXF15 FUMINATOR can help to remove the potentially toxic fumes. You can get one in blue, green, or red from Edsyn for $27 (a 75% discount according to their website). Shipping costs seem a bit high, but maybe you can find some other things you need to rationalize the shipping. This bench-top fume extraction system draws fumes away from the operator, and comes with front and rear charcoal-impregnated filters, a 12 VDC wall transformer, a single adjustable arm, and is ESD safe. The FXF15 weighs 1.09 lbs, and is 5.5″ W × 9″ H × 5.5″ H. It appears to have a fan system similar to the Edsyn FXF11 (available from Amazon), but without the solder-peg stand and dual adjustable arm.

Instructables has several DIY alternatives (here’s a filtered version, for example).

Edsyn Fuminator FXF15 Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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9 Responses to Dealmonger: Edsyn FUMINATOR $27

  1. Toolhearty says:

    I don’t do any production soldering, so I’ve just got a 12V box fan with finger guards on both sides running off a 6V wall-wart. No filtering, just stirs the air a bit to keep the fumes from wafting up into my face.

  2. Chuck says:

    Shipping aside I reckon it’s still overpriced. This is a really easy DIY out of an old PC case fan, a cut-down carbon filter from Home Despot and a couple of zip ties, and then kludge up a base from what have you.

    Or just solder with the window open and a fan blowing out, the occasional bit of flux on fire isn’t going to kill you.

  3. kyle says:

    looks portable enough to “defume” my space after taco night.

  4. Larry says:

    The link takes you to an FXF11 model on Amazon, not the FXF15

  5. Gordon DeWitte says:

    @ Larry It’s supposed to; typo in the link. I wanted to compare the FXF15’s fan system to the FXF11’s.

  6. Cameron says:

    But I LIKE the smell of melting solder! Am I going to get brain damage -amage -amage -amage?

  7. Gordon DeWitte says:

    @ Cameron

    I think the technical term is “dain bramage”.

  8. fred says:

    My daughter does stained glass – and uses a box fume trap made by Inland:


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