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Sometimes the time-tested methods work best; sometimes they work even better with modern technology. A broom has no cords or hoses to catch and will reach every corner of your shop. Instead of tripping over the vacuum or dust collection hose, just connect Woodstock International’s floor sweep to your dust collection system and sweep the debris away.

The floor sweep works best when used in conjunction with a gate — that way you can just open the gate when you’re sweeping and close it when you’re done. It measures 24″ wide by 3-1/2″ high by 7″ deep and is made from 3/32″ thick plastic. It connects to any 4″ dust collection hose and can be attached to the floor using double sided tape.

Pricing for most plastic floor sweeps start at $4.

Floor Sweep [Woodstock Int]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to Whatever Happened To Sweeping?

  1. Wayne D. says:

    These are great. My High School wood shop had something like this in the corners. Made cleanup real quick.

  2. Greg A. says:

    I’ve installed and used these before and their great, as long as you make sure they are secured properly and flush to the ground, otherwise they become more trouble than they are worth.

  3. Dan says:

    Be sure that the dust collector is designed to take the kind of stuff that is being swept: you don’t want contact with a rotating fan blade to turn offcuts into projectiles.

  4. BC says:

    I’m also not a big fan of blast gates – every one I’ve ever owned has leaked and made noise.

  5. Mrten says:

    Only appropriate for large(r) chips like the ones make with chiseling, sweeping sawdust to the gate will send up a lot into the air (and your lungs). Better get the vacuum to clean up the finer particles.

  6. Jim says:

    In my lazy world I’d mount the blast gate high enough off the floor so I didn’t have to bend over to open it! (maybe that’s why my gut continues to grow)

  7. james b says:

    You gotta cut the corners off of that style blast gate, and they work great. The corners get sawdust built up and won’t close completely. Lift the gate up, saw a 3/4″ width off the corner, then when it closes the still square gate pushes the sawdust out of the cut every time it is closed.

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