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Chances are if you’ve owned a dishwasher for a few years, there are spots where the plastic has worn through and the metal rack is rusting. Products like ReRack and Uber Goop are designed to fix this damage before it becomes more of an eyesore or even a danger to your dishes. You can also use these products on shower racks or other bathroom racks that are showing signs of rust.

Available in white and gray, ReRack is a flexible synthetic rubber that sticks well to most pre-coated vinyl racks and is heat and water resistant. What exactly Uber Goop is made of is a mystery, but it too can be used to coat any metal product except sheet metal and wires. Uber Goop also comes with vinyl caps to cover tines rather than re-coat them, which may or may not be more durable. It’s sold in white, light blue, and gray.

Uber Goop comes in more colors, but looks like it’s only sold at Amazon, whereas you might actually find ReRack at your local hardware store. ReRack runs about $6 a bottle and Uber Goop with 25 caps runs about the same price.

ReRack [Plasti Dip]
Uber Goop [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
ReRack Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Uber Goop Via Amazon [What’s This?]


13 Responses to ReRack And Uber Goop

  1. Wayne D. says:

    Thank you! I was looking for something like this.

  2. aaron says:

    me too.

  3. aaron says:

    hmm. but i wonder if you could get the same thing – for much less $ – by using that rubber paint stuff you dip tools in to give them grip/insulation.

  4. Bill says:

    Actually ReRack and many other “grip/Dip” coatings are made by the .

  5. Bill says:

    … Same company.

  6. gac says:

    I thought the same thing…. Plasti-Dip. Yea, I already have some… oh nooo it’s black.

  7. Cathy says:

    In the interest of full disclosure…I own Uber Goop. But aside from that…why is it the best product for repairing your rusty racks?
    First and foremost…Uber Goop is liquid PVC. In other words…it’s a liquid version of the material your racks were coated with in the first place. So when it is applied…it melds to the old coating better than any other substance…which means a better repair…which means more longevity for your racks.
    Several major dishwasher manufacturers use the product under a different name because they also know it is the best.
    Can’t speak to others products because I’ve never used them and…well…never will.
    You can get Uber Goop on Amazon and Ebay at uber competitive prices if not the lowest of all prices.
    Anybody have questions…I have the answers when it comes to making your racks look great…but actually repairing them as well.
    RusSan Enterprises

    • susan says:

      What can I use to thin the Uber goop so that it will spread easier?

      Wouldn’t it be better to recoat your racks with a two part epoxy? After it cures it would be very hard.

      I have seen rerack flake off after a time. Will uber goop stay on longer?

  8. anita says:

    are there specific instruactions on how to apply?

  9. Pssst says:

    Prices are misleading.

    UberGoop comes in 1/2 oz bottles, ReRack in 1 oz bottles, and the materials are completely different.

    • Lance says:

      Uber Goop now comes in 1 ounce bottles.

      • Diane Broad says:

        What is the shelflife of this product after it has been opened and used partially? Trying to decide if it is really cost effective to buy the 1 ounce bottle. My dishwasher isn’t in real bad shape.

  10. Michael Lebron says:

    Mark your calendar and closely inspect your racks every six months. Use a good magnifying glass. Find the little pinholes where the rust starts to develop. Dab with Uber Goop. Your racks will last forever. Just like any other metals…if you see the rust, IT’S TOO LATE!

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