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Fein added an interesting feature to some of the angle grinders in their WS 14 line; they replaced the switch with four touch pads — two in the front and two in the rear.

You start the grinder by touching one of the font pads and one of the rear pads. The grinder will continue to operate as long as you touch one of the four pads and will slow to a stop when you release it. Just so you don’t accidentally start it, you can lock the grinder off.

The compact and ergonomic grinder can be configured for left- or right-handed use. The grinder also features their quick change system for changing discs without tools, shock proof encapsulated electronics, soft start, and an integrated guard.

Pricing starts at $225 for the Fein’s “tip start” angle grinder.

WS 14 Angle Grinders [Fein]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Dude, Where’s the Switch?

  1. Tom says:

    STOOPID idea. I can’t wear gloves when grinding now? How about I or one of my kids pick up the grinder and it automatically starts. It sure seems like a liability lawsuit waiting to happen.

  2. @Tom:

    I don’t think the touch pads work like a touch lamp, from what I’ve been able to ascertain from some of the retailers is that they are pressure sensitive so youwould be able to wear gloves. I only put the information in the post that I could verify from Fein though, and what they have is pretty sparse

    As for your kids picking it up, what’s to stop them from picking up any other tool and turning it on? The solution to that problem is common sense, don’t leave your tools where little hands can reach them!

    BTW I’m not for or against this product I just thought it was interesting.

  3. kyle says:

    i think this is pretty cool.

  4. fred says:

    @ Tom and Benjamin

    I think that you are both correct in what you say – it’s just a matter of perspective.
    I think that in Germany where Fein makes some of their tools people may be less litigious than here – and perhaps more pragmatic and/or disciplined. I agree with Benjamin that power tools can by their nature be dangerous and that we need to protect children from getting into trouble with them in the home. I also agree with Tom in that I probably would shy away from a tool that offered an option that made it potentially more dangerous – without adding a particularly significant benefit. This is true whether the tool is targeted at my home use or use in a commercial setting – both having their special needs and safety concerns. Knowing a bit about what we’ve paid for our Fein and some other European-made specialty tools – I’m not too worried about this grinder finding its way into too may basement shops.

    BTW – Benjamin – I think posts about interesting tools from the likes of Fein, Lamello, Virutex, Mafell et. al. are very useful – and I think most of us recognize that you are not endorsing this product. Keep up the interesting posts.

  5. I think this makes it LESS dangerous. I’ve accidentally flipped the switch on my Makita a time or two…this way, I’ve got to have both hands out of the way before starting it, as on a lot of industrial equipment.

    Of course, the angle grinder isn’t a particularly scary tool to begin with. Having had a grinding wheel nick my hand, it’s more of a “HOLY CRAP WHERES MY SKIN???” than a “QUICK, FIND MY FINGER”.

  6. Larry Little says:

    $225.00 for what seems to be a 4.5″ angle grinder? OOOOk. I use grinders at work quite a bit an have never had any trouble switching on off or on.

    I think the angle grinder is a tool which does not require a great deal of improvement, certainly not $135.00 worth of improvement.

  7. Rien says:

    About the gloves: in my country it is absolutely forbidden to wear them while operating a angle grinder. It is considered unsafe.

    About the angle grinder: Fein makes very good tools, a bit like the quality of Festool, but this time they made something that’s just an iritating piece of cr**.

    I’ve worked with it, and sometimes the damn thing kept spinning, even without touching the pressure-switches. We sent it back to the dealer, and they told us it was working as it should, so now the thing is collecting dust.
    Too unreliable.

  8. okto says:

    Seems an awful lot like a solution in search of a problem.

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