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General Motors’ recent financial problems have really rocked the boat for U.S. industries and financial institutions, to say nothing of everyday households. However, the court-ordered sale of many of GM’s assets has created a windfall of high-quality machinery on the open market, and much of it is being auctioned by industrial liquidation specialist Maynard’s.

GM isn’t the only company whose assets are on the block. Maynard’s has offerings from other big names like American Axle and SKD automotive, and the range of tools and machinery is pretty incredible. Online previews are available for some of the auctions, most of which are open to the public. You’ll find gems like a Series 1 Bridgeport with digital readout, a like-new Wilton mill, a bundled Delta band saw and Craftsman drill press, more welders and plasma torches than you can shake a stick at, cabinets, media blasters, disc sanders, air compressors, tool chests… Basically the whole gamut from work tables to ten-ton machining centers, all used, but generally in good shape.

To put a cherry on top, these auctions are taking place nationwide, and further. Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ontario, British Columbia, and even Germany have auctions scheduled in the near future. It could be your ticket to some high-dollar machinery on the cheap.

(Thanks to flickr user sashafatcat for this CC- licensed photo).
Upcoming Auctions [Maynard’s]

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  1. Chris says:

    Did anyone else catch the listing at the bottom entitled “Large Dinosaur Fossils for sale”?


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