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King Arthur’s Tools claims that being able to see what you’re sanding means you’ll work faster because you don’t have to keep removing the tool to see your progress. With their Holey Galahad carving discs, you can actually see through the disc to the surface you’re cutting. The discs can be used on wood, fiberglass, plastic, foam core, soapstone, and other materials.

Made in the USA, the discs will fit most 4-1/2″ and 125mm angle grinders — just be sure to keep the speed under 14,000RPM. The 4″ diameter steel discs have sharp conical tungsten carbide teeth bonded over the cutting surface and can be used on both the face and the edge

King Arthur’s Tools sells six different varieties of Holey Galahad discs: flat or round profile in coarse (90-grit), medium (70-grit), or fine (SSG390). The fine discs cost $70 and the coarse and medium discs run $80. Their universal hex nut may be required to work with their grinder; that’ll run you another $8.

Holey Galahad [King Arthur’s Tools]
Holey Galahad
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Holey Galahad

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2 Responses to Holey Galahad, Batman!

  1. Shopmonger says:

    King Arthur makes good stuff, but WAY expensive…. you can go to our favorite HF and get 40 grit flap disks for $1.50 -$3

    And they really hogs out material in an angle grinder


  2. Jim K. says:

    I can see this working while above material like in the photo, but once there’s material being removed I wonder how well you could see your work then? Call me skeptical, but…

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