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A casual glance will tell you these are not standard slip joint pliers or cutters. What’s a little more rare is the person who can tell you they are Grozing pliers. Whittemore-Durgin Glass Co. has this pair of Inland brand Grozing pliers on sale for $5.92. 

Grozing pliers are used for nibbling glass and tile as well as breaking glass along the score line left by a glass cutter. The jaws are smooth and ground such that they have clearance for different thicknesses of glass, unlike regular pliers that won’t grip thick work properly. They’re a must-have for glass work, and there are other times having a pair of smooth jawed pliers just comes in handy, such as for bending small pieces of metal.

Inland Grozing Pliers [whittemoredurgin.com]


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  1. jason says:

    I also use adjustable wrenches to bend up small pieces of sheet metal. works about the same.

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