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This is the gaze of a man who doesn’t want to start over. That’s what I normally look like when turning anything. Total focus and somewhere in the back of my head hoping I secured the wood to the lathe correctly. Reader Rboyett, however, is probably just thinking about how the taper on his cup should look.

Our collective hats are off to all the turners out there cranking out bad-ass stuff. I recently made a few attempts to turn a few projects myself; though they were very similar to cups you might have seen before, the quality of my craftsmanship will not be displayed at any art shows anytime soon — or ever, on any planet we know of.

Turning is an art that is both easy to learn and difficult to master. Clearly Rboyett is further along his turning journey than I am. Well done, sir.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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