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There are probably 10,000 ways to control cables, but let’s look at one more: the Wrap-n-Strap.  Made by Star Tech, the Wrap-n-Strap is just a rubber strap with a bunch of holes and a plastic fastener.

To use it you wrap the rubber strap around the plug end of the cord and connect it to itself with the plastic connector. The you coil the cord and wrap the strap around the coil, fastening the strap to the plastic connector again. When you uncoil the cord, the Wrap-n-Strap stays on the plug end so you don’t lose it.

The straps and fasteners come in lengths of 6″, 9″, or 12″. A multicolored pack of 5 or 6 Wrap-n-Straps will set you back $10.

Wrap-N-Strap [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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2 Responses to Yet More Cable Management Goodness

  1. John Laur says:

    So long as you’re coiling cables, make sure you do it right.

  2. heywood j says:

    cables…the final frontier…this is the voyage of the starship cableprise

    sorry, couldn’t help myself with a name like “star tech”…lol

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