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We previously covered Trend’s Routabout jig for cutting replaceable access hole covers, but recently they revealed a new system that looks much simpler to use because it utilizes a 1/2″ drill instead of a router. You simply drill a 102mm (4″) hole into 18mm (.0708″) or 22mm (7/8″) chipboard, plywood, OSB, or plasterboard and cover it with either a metal or mesh plate.

The Cavity Access System comes with a 102mm hole saw with a heavy duty arbor and pilot drill, a 120mm (4-3/4″) rebate cutter for cutting the cover plate recess, five steel covers, and a waste removal tool all packaged in a plastic case. The system will run you 65 pounds or about $105, not including shipping and taxes.

Cavity Access System [TRT]
Cavity Access System [Miles Tool & Machinery]

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2 Responses to Trend’s Cavity Access System

  1. Rob G says:

    When I first read the title, “Cavity Access System ” , I thought it was something for the TSA. Glad I was wrong!

  2. Brice says:

    Wonder how it would work for making replaceable holes in drywall….

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