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While the name of M-Power’s Tri-Scribe may be from one of those we-like-hyphens-too-much marketing sessions, this seems to be a pretty clever little tool. I stumbled across it while browsing drafting implements and it’s an innovation I wish I’d had on hand in the past.

Instead of using a try-square to mark several points at a given distance from an edge and connecting them with a ruler, the Tri-Scribe removes the middleman. Screw the scribe onto your square, pull it along the edge, and you have measurement and marking rolled into one step. Clever. The manufacturer’s photos show it with a pencil attached, but it looks like a carbide scribe for metalwork is compatible, too. There’s also a blade attachment for slicing strips of veneer, cardboard, paper, and probably thin plastics. M-Power claims it’s the ideal tool for scoring sheetrock, which really got my attention.

The Tri-Square is made in England, so quality probably isn’t something to worry about. The $22 asking price (with blade adapter another $6) from Hartville Tool isn’t bad, considering the time this might save. Anything to make drywall work less painful.

Tri-Scribe [M-Power]
M-Power Tri-Scribe [Hartville Tool]

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4 Responses to M-Power Tri-Scribe

  1. aaron says:

    isnt this one of the applications for a combination square or marking gauge? i guess it does hold the pencil in, but then the location of the scribe depends on how far the pencil is pushed out, etc. meh.

  2. Dustbuster7000 says:

    There’s a reason most combination squares have a small notch in at (at least one) end of the blade. Its so you can set the distance from the head to the end of the blade, put a pencil tip in the notch and do exactly what this dookickey does, mark a line along the length of the workpiece as you drag the head against the edge. This thing might be useful if you can only use one hand to mark the work, but how often does that come up when you mark out like this?

  3. Brau says:

    $22 for that?? No. I’ll just hold my pencil against my adjustable square, like I have for decades now, until a cheaper make comes along or make my own.

  4. dusty says:

    I recently got one of these scribe pairs, I like them a lot. I bought them for their trammel function though. Much better to have your trammel heads lying flat than falling over when when striking big circles and arcs.

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