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If you’re looking for a camp shovel, rather than buying the folding variety, check out this Special Forces Shovel from Cold Steel. Sure, you can use it to dig, but you can also use it as a hatchet, an axe, a cleaver, a machete, a hammer, a paddle, and if you get bored you can throw it!

Modeled after the Soviet Spetznaz shovel, Cold Steel forges the head and socket from medium carbon steel, then heat treats it to make it stronger. They sharpen the edges so it can be used as an axe, but if you want to use it as a cleaver, you’ll have to hone it yourself. The handle is made from hardwood.

An optional cordura sheath protects the shovel head when not in use, and it has a loop to carry the shovel on your belt. Pricing for the shovel start at $15, and you can find the sheath for as little as $4.

Special Forces Shovel [Cold Steel]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Cold Steel’s Throwing Shovel

  1. Blatz says:

    Didja watch the video at the Cold Steel site? They’ve got a guy chopping through a 2×4 with it. Looks like it’s a pretty dismal hatchet. That flat blade keeps getting stuck. Does better on breezeblock (indispensible, if concrete makes good kindling on your planet) and meat. So… definitely a must-have for the wilderness mall ninja.

  2. John says:

    I think the Spetnaz or someother group use something like this, I remember seeing it on “Deadliest warrior”.

  3. JH says:

    In the army, I used to sharpen my Fiskars folding shovel. That way it worked as a decent axe for chopping wood.

  4. Aleksejs says:

    Speaking of Specnaz:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtaaYeJZrTI – Starting from 1:00 technique in use. In most training situations they do not use actual showel, but an imitation (only gandle with little metal edge at the end for weight). Starting 3:40 technique for fight with gun as a cold wepon (when you’ve run out of ammo or can/must not fire)
    Keywords in russian:
    Малая саперская лопатка – small sapeur shovel – this is the most popular term
    Малая пехотная лопатка – small infantry shovel – this is the correct term

  5. gecko45 says:

    This is the one piece of equipment that will literally save your life one day. I own three of these shovels, one of which I carry on my person. My EDC “shuv” has been covered in matte black paint, a practical consideration for my line of work, which I cannot discuss. My friends laugh at me for carrying this shovel around, but when it hits the fan I will be the one laughing as I stand guard over the lives of others like a God.

  6. Alex M. says:

    I agree; I get mocked by people for my EDC reverse-osmosis water purification system (olive drab, of course) and penecillin synthesis precursor compounds, but likewise – when society collapses and you’re thirsty and have an ear infection, I’m going to be sitting pretty.

  7. Paul N. says:

    It’s a shame that Cold Steel has to advertise everything with such outrageous amounts of cheese. This is one product that they make that actually functions well and is affordable. I’ve heard that you should order an extra handle when you buy one, but I missed the memo and so far the handle has held help well. I’m not cool enough to be a Mall Ninja, but I have carried mine in my truck, used it in the yard a little, and carried it camping. It’s a crappy hatchet, full of merde as a shovel, but it’s a compromise tool. It splits wood way better than it chops it, if you sharpen one or both edges. I can throw it and stick, though I don’t make a habit of it. It’s not as easy to throw as a tomahawk but much easier than a knife, at least in my experience.

    I do encourage people to watch the Cold Steel Proof stuff though. It’s some of the funniest, “Coney Island carnival barker meets Ronco” ads/infomercials out there. The company truly reflects the owner. I was at a large knife show in Atlanta one year and the owner came in with two obvious “bodyguards.” Later in the day, as I stopped at the Cold Steel booth, one of the pitch-dudes tried to impress me with their synthetic Sjambok’s toughness by smacking the table with it, at which point the product snapped cleanly a couple of inches down from the handle. I try to be polite but I couldn’t control my laughter until I walked out of the booth area. LOL indeed.

    Anyway, sometimes there are some good products out there hidden by bad marketing.

  8. Paul N. says:

    Oh yeah, the worst part about the actual shovel is the thick, super slick finish they put on the handles. No hand tool should have a handle that slippery and I had to sand it off and put a thinner finish on it.

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