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The normal order of most low- to mid-grade “multi” products is a great number of tools Frankensteined onto a familiar platform. The 13-Piece DIY Utility Knife Kit from Garrett Wade is no exception. The problem here is it looks pretty handy.

Here’s the thing — it’s a standard folding utility blade that comes with variously shaped blades that can be swapped in and out and are suitable for cutting all sorts of material you might run into like wood, leather, paper, cardboard, linoleum, or carpet.

In a very un-Garrett Wade move, it’s not priced 50 percent over what you might be willing to pay for it (under $20), which lands it smack dab into the handy-to-have-around category. It’s also possible that we’re just suckers for knives and will bend a little more for one than other types of tools.

13 Piece DIY Utility Knife Kit [Garrett Wade]


2 Responses to 13-Piece DIY Utility Knife Kit

  1. Looks like a great tool at a great price. Definitely hard to resist. What kind of multi-knife tool do you use the most?

  2. David Bryan says:

    I just saw what looked like the same set at Lowes, marked down to I think $16.

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