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JessEm has created a featherboard that lets you adjust its height (or width) independently of position. What’s more, while positioning the height, guides keep the featherboard parallel to the fence or table.

They mold the Paralign featherboard from high-impact plastic and round the feather tips so they won’t leave marks on the workpiece. Two sets of bolts are used to set up the featherboards, one for attaching and positioning it and the other set for adjusting the height (or width). The featherboards can also be stacked for thicker pieces.

The featherboards come with the hardware to mount them in either T-tracks or miter slots. A single Paralign featherboard will run you $22, while a double set will save you a few bucks at $37.

In theory, the Paralign featherboards seem like a reasonable improvement over traditional featherboards, but in reality I’m not really sure if the extra cost justifies the gimmickry. Is it really that hard to align a featherboard correctly, and does it really matter it there’s a little bit more pressure on the leading edge than the trailing edge or vice versa?

JessEm [Corporate Site]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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