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Wearing safety glasses with a dust mask can be a bummer. Many times you end up fogging the glasses, so you either choose to risk your eyesight by forgoing the glasses or fill your lungs with crap. There are a few safety glasses with anti-fog coatings on the market, but this set of glasses from Milwaukee goes one step further — they have a channel for ventilation between the lens and the frame that supposedly reduces fogging.

An elastomer inner frame lines the glasses’ lightweight polycarbonate frame, and the nose pads have flexible fingers that conform to the nose. Both these features purportedly increase comfort. Adjustable temples and a “three position ratchet lens inclination system” — whatever that means — enable the glasses to fit to your face. The lenses themselves are anti-fog and are available in gray and clear.

The glasses usually run about $12, but you can pick them up at Amazon for $7 shipped, on orders over $25 of course. That’s almost as cheap as the last crappy pair I bought from The Big Orange Retail Giant.

Milwaukee [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing
[Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Milwaukee Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

  1. jeffrey immer says:

    those are ESS glasses dead on, pretty good but the lenses scratch easily (they are replaceable) you can get tinted lens too z87 and all that good stuff

  2. Mark says:

    The link is useless. Going to the site provides no information. Finding “Safety Glasses” on the site is IMPOSSIBLE!

  3. @Mark:

    No the link is NOT useless. I mentioned Milwaukee in the story, and since they didn’t have a page specifically for the glasses I linked to their homepage instead.

    I will agree it is rather weak that Milwaukee doesn’t list items on their website that they sell. Are they lazy or ashamed?

  4. heywood j says:


    I think it is rather instead because it is a private label item. I don’t think that Milwaukee actually makes these. They are also very similar to one of the UVEX models that I have a few pairs of…

  5. MattW says:

    They are Uvex, almost the same picture:


    These are what I have been using for the last couple of years, keep extra lenses around and replace them when you start noticing that you are wearing glasses.

  6. Chris says:

    I use an older version of the 3M 6000 series respirator:


    which alleviates all the fogging problems. I love that style of mask because it has an exhalation valve and you don’t feel like you’re breathing in a sauna (which is how I feel with pretty much every disposable mask I’ve ever used). The only drawback to that style of mask is that you can’t really talk while you’re wearing it because you end up sounding like a drowning Darth Vader impersonator.

    I’m currently using Uvex Tomcats:


    as my sunglasses (the ones pictured are clear; there’s a good tinted version too) — reasonably stylish and only $7/pair so you don’t feel bad if you lose a pair or break ’em.

    If you’re having to buy anti-fog safety glasses because of the mask you’re wearing, that’s a sign you need to switch to a different mask 😉


  7. fastlane says:

    it’s just a licensing agreement with uvex. They don’t make them, they just have an agreement to put their name on it. Just like Dewalt does with the shoe company, just a marketing goober’s idea at branding on a job site.

  8. Shopmonger says:

    These are nice, I think one of the pairs in the shop is these. I use an after market Antifog from auto stores for all of my glasses and face shields, works great, and very cheap.

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