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I’ve seen 2 references (Brian’s Blog & Cool Tools) recently about using paracord to wrap tool handles, so it must be significant. Peter Atwood has both a video and a short web tutorial showing his wrapping method. The picture above is from Brian’s Blog showing the Atwood-method wrap on a mini pry bar (the Pocket Widgy® from County Comm).

Given that you can get 50′ of paracord for around $3 and that its 550-lb. tensile strength is useful in many other areas, this looks like a neat application for it. Maybe paracord should join duct tape and vise grips as another universal solution?

Paracord Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Paracord Street Pricing [Google Products]

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11 Responses to How-To: Paracord Tool Handle Wrapping

  1. jeffrey immer says:

    hell i even used some 550 cord on that tool box, no joke, it keeps the top doors from opening too far. it’s dirty cheap to buy but you should burn the ends to keep them from fraying, the army would not function without a steady stream of 550 cord, and 100 mph tape (duct tape)

  2. T says:

    Anybody that spent time in the army knows para cord is a universal solution. I keep a 500 foot roll in the garage.

  3. Sommelier says:

    “duct tape and vise grips” Don’t forget the WD-40! These are a few things I always have on hand: at home, work & in the car.

  4. Gil L. Braverman says:

    Hell Yeah to the last sentence, and as Sommelier said, “Don’t forget the WD-40”!

  5. heywood j says:

    WD-40= Okay…

    LPS-3= Awesome…

    Sea Foam’s Deep Creep= Super Awesome

  6. Peony says:

    I keep 100ft of paracord in the bottom of my fishing bag. and another 50ft in the boot of the motor. Its ideal for tieing stuff to the roofrack. I recon with a bit of creative plaiting, you could tow a truck with it!

  7. Toolhearty says:

    ‘Round these parts, it’s duct tape and cable ties that hold the world together (but paracord is pretty cool, too).

  8. Gordon DeWitte says:

    Paracord, duct tape, cable ties, vise grips, and WD-40 (or Deep Creep), that’s all I need…and this lamp…

  9. Harry says:

    The world is held together with 550 cord and 100 mph tape. Add a Leatherman and you’re set for whatever comes your way. However, be advised that all 550 cord is not created equal. The market if flooded with imported imitation type 3 nylon, and 550 cord. In fact some of that stuff would probably have a tensile strength of 5.5 pounds instead of 550 pounds. Buyer beware.

  10. Cameron Watt says:

    What about mine tape? It makes a fine shoulder strap for lighter items.

    By the way: A length of fire hose makes an awesome shoulder strap for heavier items….or condemned lifting slings. I find winch straps too wide.

  11. Aleksejs says:

    Here is great blog on various “wrappings” with paracord:

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